Complete Guidance of Custom Architectural Glass (2020)

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There are so many types of architectural glass nowadays. Most of us might not even have heard of them before. But architectural glass world is amazing and full of fantasy. Let’s explore the construction glass world here with Shenzhen Dragon Glass

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    Complete Guidance of Custom Architectural Glass (2020)

    There are so many types of architectural glass nowadays. Most of us might not even have heard of them before. But architectural glass world is amazing and full of fantasy. Let’s explore the construction glass world here with Shenzhen Dragon Glass

    1, Float Glass

    Float glass is also called annealed glassflat glass , etc. The process of float glass production is completed in a tin bath within protective gas. The molten glass flows continuously from the pool kiln and floats on the surface of the dense tin liquid. Under the action of gravity and surface tension, the glass liquid spreads and spreads on the tin liquid surface and form a smooth surface. During the transition of glass, it is under the annealed process and continue cooling down to room temperature.

    Clear float glass is most commonly used. Others such as ultra clear(low iron), tinted glass, reflective coated glass are also available.

    Applications of float glass: glass doors and windows, railings, partition walls, glass office, glass shopfront, etc. Providing wind protection and heat preservation.

    Good quality float glass has no bubbles no chips no scratches with a super smooth surface.

    2, Tempered glass

    Tempered glass is also called toughened glass, tampered glass in different areas or different countries. It is produced by heating the glass to a temperature around 650 degrees, and then cool down the glass rapidly by a strong wind jet to form compression stress on the glass surface whereas the interior still in tension stat. It has good mechanical properties and high thermal resistance.

    Tempered glass panels have 5 times higher strength than normal annealed glass panels. It can withstand a very high impact without breaking. Even if it is broken due to extremely high impact, the whole piece of glass is broken into small obtuse angle small particles, which will not harm humans, so it is also called safety glass.

    Tempered glass cannot be cut. The glass needs to be cut to size before tempering.

    Tempered float glass panels are widely used as glass doors, architectural glass curtain walls, escalator glass fences, glass display cabinets, glass railing, glass pool fencing, glass windows, etc.

    If you are seeking where to buy tempered glass, contact us for the best tempered glass price here!

    3, Heat strengthened glass (Half tempered glass)

    Heat strengthened glass is also called semi-tempered glass or half tempered glass, it is produced similar to the tempering process . After float glass is cut to custom sizes, it will be edged and drilled and later transferred to a tempering machine, by heating to around 700 degrees and later cool down rapidly by the strong wind jet. The difference between heat strengthened glass production vs tempered glass production is that the cooling down speed of heat strengthened glass is much slower than that of tempered glass. Therefore the heat strengthened glass is only 2 times strength higher than normal annealed glass. But the advantage for heat strengthened glass is that the surface of it is much flatter more spotless than tempered glass. Half tempered glass is widely used where less strength & better flatness is required such as laminated curtain wall, low rise windows, etc. Semi tempered glass will not spontaneously break

    4, Hot bending glass

    5, Frosted glass

    There are generally two types of frosted glass

    Sandblasted glass

    Sandblasted glassis also called sandblasting glass, it is using a strong wind jet to blow sand or other metal materials on the surface of the glass to form certain patterns, which can have an obscure glass effect. Sandblasted glass is widely used as partition glass wall, windows, shower rooms to achieve privacy functions.

    Before the production of sandblasted glass, we can adhere to some stripe on the glass to form different shapes, patterns of the sandblasting glass. Later transfer the glass to the sandblasting machine to form different sandblasted glass designs! Here are pictures for reference:

    Acid etched glass

    Acid etched glass is the other type of frosted glass, it is produced by using chemical material such as Hydrofluoric acid to make the glass surface rough and form an obscure effect. Mostly acid etched glass is used in glass offices, glass partition walls, shower room glass, etc where privacy is required.


    1, compared to sandblasted glass, acid etched glass has a smoother surface which can provide soft-touch feelings and no fingerprint.

    2, Multiple patterns available for decorations.

    3, easy to clean.

    6, Laminated glass

    Laminated glass is made by combining two or more pieces of glass “sandwiched” with pvb or sgp or eva interlayer, under high temperature(>130℃)& high pressure in an autoclave processed for over 2~6 hours and later form a permanent combination between the glass and the interlayer materials. Laminated glass has a higher strength than a single tempered glass panel. Even if the glass breaks, the broken fragments will still adhere to the pvb or sgp or eva interlayer, completely no harm to human beings. Moreover, laminated glass has an excellent soundproof function. Which makes it popular in an application for crowded places.

    Applications of laminated glass: glass roofs, glass curtain walls, glass skylights, glass shopfront, glass floors, glass railings, and other areas.

    7, Insulated glass

    Insulated glass is also called double glazed glass, it is composed of two or more layers of glass panels separated by an aluminum spacer and sealed with butyl sealant and later structural sealant. Insulated glass is used where good thermal performance and soundproofing functions are required as necessary. Sometimes argon gas will be adopted to enhance the heat & sound isolation performance.

    Low-e coating insulated glass can have an extreme energy saving function. In some cold areas or countries, triple insulated low-e glass will be a good choice as the U-value will be lower than 0.6 W/m2K.

    Insulated glass is widely used as curtain wall, windows, doors, partitions, glass walls, etc.

    8, Ceramic frit glass

    Ceramic frit glass is also called silk screen printed glass. It is produced by printing frit on the glass and later heated until the frit melts so that the frit layer and glass are firmly combined. It has good chemical stability and decoration effect and is suitable for exterior wall decoration of buildings.

    9, Digital printed glass

    Digital printed glass technology uses a digital printing method to print inorganic high-temperature ink directly on the glass. After tempering, it has unparalleled acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance.

    Digital printed glass features:

    Easy to implement

    Any digital printed patterns, digital printed glass designs and colors are accurately printed.

    Durability and precision

    The ink melts into the glass and has super great scratch resistance, acid resistance, UV resistance and weather resistance.

    Brand new media for artistic expression

    Digital printed glass panel is making the art design and imagination without any limitations.



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